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Technology Services

Technology Services

We leverage ever changing and new technologies to deliver the most comprehensive solutions fitting our client’s needs.  The technology is not the end goal, it is a tool to help get one step closer towards achieving a safe, cost effective, and productive solution. We understand the benefits of utilizing new technologies in combination with time proven techniques to increase accuracy and efficiency of workflow.

Reality Capture
  • Photogrammetry – Utilizes Photographs
  • Point Cloud – Coordinate Data
    • Aerial Capture
    • Terrestrial Capture
    • Hand-held Capture
  • LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)
    • 3D Laser Scanning Services – High-Definition Surveying (HDS)
      • Using LiDAR technology to collect highly accurate point cloud data throughout entire building sites and structures
Optimized Scan to BIM As-built Modeling (Back-Modeling)

Utilizing advanced computer vision algorithms and pattern matching technologies to extract features automatically, improving back-modeling efficiency

3D CAD Design

Three-Dimensional Computer Aided Design enables Engineers & Designers to create extremely precise drawings helping to communicate our client’s needs

Scan to BIM

3D Scanning Technologies capture data points ensuring accurate As-Built information, verifying construction, and providing opportunity to explore a facility utilizing a visual model

BIM Coordination

The Process of Building Information Modeling that facilitates the collaboration between MEP Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Architectural Plans